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Hygiene concept


Dear guests


At the entrance you will find the rules of conduct of the CoronaSchVO that our company applies.


Unfortunately we have to deny you access if you have symptoms of a cold.


Our rooms are regularly ventilated, the doors are open as wide as possible, disinfectant dispensers are located at the entrance and in the anteroom of the toilets so that no door handles have to be touched up to the table.

We ask our guests to use the visible dispensers when we assign their places to them.


The distance between the individual chairs and the various tables is at least 1.50 meters. The maximum number of people is 10 people per table.


We wear mouth and nose protection. The guest is only released from this obligation if he takes a seat at his table. Masks are available on site. Self-service at the buffet is only allowed with a mask and after disinfecting the hands with the dispenser in the immediate vicinity of the buffet.


Each guest agrees to provide their contact details, for which you will receive the form to be filled out together with the invoice.

We keep these forms for four weeks without storing them electronically. In the case of table arrangements, a predefined list of participants fulfills this criterion.


We are at your disposal for all your questions.


Sincerely yours,

Maritta Clarenz

Hotel Restaurant Siegblick

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