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Hiking and biking along the Natursteig Sieg routes

Starting point: Siegburg
End point: Mudersbach
Length: 200 km
Stages: 13
Road condition:43% unpaved, 19% asphalted, 38% field roads

The Sieg is an very natural unpaved tributary of the Rhine meandering through the Sieg valley offering a safe paradise to all kinds of water birds.

The Natursteig Sieg offers beautiful nature trails along this peaceful river. These trails are all quite easy to reach by train from Siegburg.

We will be happy to advise you on which stage would be the best to explore considering the weather, the group and expectations.

The Natursteig Sieg Trails offers the hiker full enjoyment in the pure nature along ascending and descending paths. You will trek over undulating landscapes with many small streams and through forests with beautiful old trees.
Along the Sieg are many nice places that are worth staying a bit longer, such as Windeck, Dattenfeld and Schladern.

Hotel Siegblick is located at the start of Natursteig Sieg and is an ideal starting and resting point for your daily stages.

Our kitchen offers daily fresh meals for quick recovery and strengthening.

We can provide you with our hearty packed lunches.

Important for hikers is the good condition of their hiking boots. Ask for our shoe care corner.


For nature-loving cyclists, the many beautiful cycle routes in the Rhein -Sieg-Kreis are a perfect place to pick up their heart. Our family hotel is centrally located between these adventurous routes.

We have a safe bike storage and a place for cleaning and maintenance.

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