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Siegburg - The view is unique in the valley lof the Sieg, framed by forest-adorned mountains, the foothills of the Westerwald and the Siebengebirge, to the old knight's seat Haus zur Mühlen, the villages of Hennef, Geistingen, Caldauen, Seligenthal, Allner the magnificent castle, the Zissendorf manor. The charm of this landscape is increased by the saluting ruins of the old weaving town of Blankenberg, as well as the church towers of Rott and Bödingen. The place where the Hotel-Restaurant Siegblick has stood for 75 years is described as romantic and enthusiastic. In the concession application


of 1926, the founders made the officials who had to decide watered their mouths. With success: brewery owner Josef Clarenz received the approval to build a restaurant and hotel and rock cellars of his beer production on the premises at Wolsberg.

The Siegblick is still owned by the family today; the fourth generation runs the business . The astonishing view of the Siegtal panorama is only partially preserved. Many trees have grown since 1926. And the motorway has changed the valley. The slope with the Siegbrücke was built between 1935 and 1938, and it brought many new customers to the innkeepers back then. The rest area at Wolsberg was connected to the hotel parking lot. The restaurant was enlarged.

The war did not do anything good for Siegblick either: the brewery had to close in 1942 because the brewers were drafted into the Wehrmacht. In 1945 the hotel, on whose terraces stood anti-aircraft guns, was badly destroyed. After the war, the facility was confiscated by the Belgian troops as an officers' club. It was not until 1952 that the Clarenz family was able to build up here again. The boom came, with the travelers from the Ruhr area and Holland; the hotel was enlarged.

Founder Josef Clarenz, who led the Siegblick with his children Willi, Maria and Helene, died in 1948. Willi Clarenz's son Reiner took over the business in 1967 together with his wife Barbara. They brought the hotel facility up to date. In 1975 the restaurant and ancillary rooms were modernized. A blow to the office was the closure of the autobahn parking lot two years later because of the widening of the A 3. The high investments still weighed on the company, as the turnover collapsed in half. But the family managed to other customers as travel companies.

In the meantime, daughter Maritta, a trained hotel business administrator and cook, has taken over Siegblick. At her side is her brother Udo Clarenz. .

Sonntag 1929
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