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For 4 generations we have been successfully training in the professions of hotel specialist, cook and restaurant specialist.


We pick you up from where you are and take you by the hand.

School grades play a secondary role, absenteeism is not welcome.

Reliability, friendliness, honesty, a well-groomed appearance and willingness to perform are required.


The duration of the training is 3 years, payment is based on the tariff, the result of the intermediate examination decides on the shortening of the apprenticeship period, the responsible vocational school is the Rober-Wetzlar-Kolleg in Bonn in the first year of training twice a week, in the second and third year of training once a week

You will get to know all of the company's departments and we conduct regular appraisal discussions. Training topics are broken down into teaching conversations; this theoretical content is processed in the company during the training period.


We are happy to encourage participation in professional competitions.

Little theory, direct practice also on the guest. You can even learn complex processes through on-the-job training, following the motto never a mistake always a lesson.

Routine comes quickly, boredom never.


We look forward to receiving your application.

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